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DEHOFI is a non-profit organization that assists in small projects that make big differences. DEHOFI provides financial assistance in the area of housing needs to include but not limited to: low and moderate homeownership, assistance and essential repairs for qualified senior homeowners and veterans, community development, disaster response specific to housing and financial support to other organizations involved in parallel missions. 



Q: Is my donation tax-deductable? 
A: Yes! DEHOFI is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization (TIN – 20-5769960). Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.  Donations are tax deductible depending on a donor's particular tax situation. Donors, with the help of a tax adviser if necessary, must apply the general deductibility rules to their specific circumstances. Each donor's situation is unique and will affect how much that person can deduct.

Q: What will my donation be used for?
A: Your donation will be used to help Delawareans in need. Since 2011, DEHOFI has provided grant funding for 17 low income first time buyers, accessed more than $16,000 that enabled a local partner organization to provide financial counseling to more than 500 individuals and families, has provided funding for 56 income qualified individual or families to have essential repairs (roofs, heaters, access steps, mold removal etc.) and made a parallel grant to a local agency that works to keep low income seniors in their homes. Since 2010 DEHOFI has raised over $165,000 of which 96% has provided direct services or improvements to grantees.


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